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Heat is a type of energy that is transported from a high temperature environment to a lower temperature environment. The process of limiting the heat transfer on structure mantle (exterior wall, doors, floor, ceiling and windows) is called ‘Thermal Isolation’. In the winter months, the hot air inside can be moved to the cold environment outside, and in the summer months, the warm air outside is moved to the less warm interior environment. Thermal Isolaton is needed in buildings in order to prevent these heat flows from outside to inside and inside to outside.

In the light of this information, the thermal conductivity coefficient can be defined as follows: ‘’ It describes how well the material conveys the heat depending on the physical and chemical structure of a material or the resistance that the material has against the heat flow.’

The smaller thermal conductivity coefficient (λ) of a material means better thermal insulation. However, this value alone does not specify anything. Indeed, we can reach a conclusion about the insulation property of that material by considering the thermal conductivity coefficient (λ) together with the thickness of the material. Even if the thermal conductivity of a material is low, if the material does not reach an adequate thickness, it cannot be used in thermal insulation. In European Standards, materials with a thermal conductivity coefficient of less than 0.065 W/mK are defined as thermal insulation materials. Materials with a conductivity coefficient greater than 0.065 W/mK are defined as construction materials only.  YapıPAN SIP Panel can be regarded insulation material, even if only this feature is considered.

Thickness of the YapıPOR brand EPS (styrofoam) used in the core (filling) of YapıPAN SIP Panels SIP is usually prepared as 100 mm, 120 mm. or 150 mm. 

The EPS plate of 10 cm thickness produced in the lowest thickness on the outer walls is equaivalent to a 120 cm brick wall, 50 cm. gas concrete wall and 500 cm concrete wall in terms of heat flow. Thanks to this feature, YapıPAN SIP Panels provides you with an extraordinary thermal insulation that no wall material in today's market can provide.

NOTE: Thermal conductivity coefficient is different for YapıPAN SIP-OSB and YapıPAN SIP-Fibercement.