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Ahşap Sandviç Panel


There are 2 main materials forming SlP Panels. Outer skin (shell) and core (filler). As Coating Plates (Shell);
a. 1.) OSB Plate: It contains 95% wood chip, 4% natural wood resin and 1% other adhesives. It does not contain ingredients that are harmful to nature and health, such as butanol.
a.2.) Fibercement Sheet: Fibercement sheets are manufactured entirely from natural raw materials. It has cellulose fiber, cement and micronized milled quartz.
a.3.) Magnesium Oxide Plate: Briefly it is also called as ‘Magnesium Plate’. Magnesium Oxide insulating panels are composite structures and insulation panels formed by reinforcing the natural raw materials of magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride components with glass fiber. They do not contain any harmful ingredients.
a.4.) Other materials: None of the Plasterboard, Greenboard, PlyWood and other wood materials contain chemicals that are harmful to your health.
As core (filling);
b.1.) YapıPOR Brand EPS: Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS), as the name implies, is completely harmless to nature and human health. EPS is now a material that is safely used in packaging, fish boxes, disposable plates and glasses, outside our buildings, even in baby goods. YapıPOR brand EPS products are B2 class flame retardant material.
Click for more information about YapıPOR brand EPS (styrofoam).
b.2.) YapıPOR Brand NEO-EPS: The material that we call NEO-EPS is almost identical to EPS. The graphite material used in pencils is added and provides 20% more thermal insulation.
b.3.) Rock Wool: Rockwool is produced by melting the minerals supplied from volcanic rocks at very high temperatures and forming fibers. Tey can be used for All kinds of heat, sound insulation as well as in organic farming instead of soil.