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Sandviç panel testi


OSB boards, Fibercement sheets and MgO boards used in the interior and exterior surfaces of SIP Panels have a FLEXIBLE and DURABLE structure and show the expected and designed durability. The OSB, Fibercement or MgO plate is used on both surfaces of this system. The behavioral and durable technical properties of this system are similar to NPI steel profiles.

For example, a YapıPAN SIP-OSB Panel at the dimensions 1220 mm. x 2440 mm. x 174 mm. carries 2000 kg of axial load during the horizontal loading test. This is equivalent to 670 kg/m2. In the roofs, the maximum snow load to be calculated is 180 kg/m2 (which is a very rare value even in our most snowy province). As can be seen, SIP Panels are able to meet both the snow load and the moving (mechanical) and static (static) loads in the upholstery very easily. Stretching property of OSB, Fibercement and MgO plates under the high load, makes them not breakable, and this is a great advantage.


In the same way, when the load is perpendicular to the SIP Panel, they carry an axial load of 11,000 kg/ m. With a rough calculation, it is possible to load up to 440.000 kg to a structure at the dimensions 10 m X 10 m= 100 m2. (The circumference of the house is 40 m.; 40 m X 11,000 kg /m = 440,000 kg).The results obtained meet the current construction standards to a very high extent and their high standard properties prevent the use of unnecessary materials.

The plates on the inner and outer surfaces of the panels work as horizontal flanges on the steel profiles of NPI and the YapıPOR brand EPS (styrofoam) in its core (styrofoam) acts as the connection element in the NPI profile. In horizontal loading, the outer surface of the OSB plate on the surface where the load is applied (upper surface of the top plate) works for the pressure and tries to pull the other surface (the bottom surface of the upper plate). A portion of the load is transmitted to the OSB plate (Bottom H plate) on the other surface by means of EPS, and at the bottom plate upper surface holds on the pressure and bottom surface holds the pulling. The elasticity of the OSB plate and the high-power performance give us a solid system section. This flexibility is important because OSB plates meet the wind and earthquake load with the help of these features. Also, the thicker the YapıPOR brand EPS (styrofoam) in the core part, the YapıPAN SIP Panel is so durable against axial loads.