Hafif sandviç panel


The lightweight of SlP Panels is an important feature. Lightweight and durable elements of the carrier and non-bearing elements that make up the structures are a very important feature both for reducing the thickness of the carrier sections (foundation, column, beam, floor etc.) and also for the safety of life and property at the time of earthquake.

Furthermore, thinning of the carrier sections in the structure means reduced costs. 15 cm YapıPOR brand EPS (Styrofoam) core (filled) YapıPAN SlP Panel is approximately 19 kg/m2. (OSB Panel = 600 kg/m3, YapıPOR EPS = 16 kg/M3) The nearest competitor brick wall is at least 200 kg/m2 with cement and sand based adhesive mortar. This means that the SlP Panels 10-fold better than the closest competitor, and at least 10 times lighter than a house of the same size. YapıPAN SlP Panels is a product that makes the job of architects and engineers easier and offers a wide range of design freedoms.