As with all other structures, SIP Panel structures must also have a solid foundation and this solid foundation must be placed on a solid ground. As long as there is no solid foundation or ground, the material of the structure is not very important. Indeed, when the ground and the foundation move, the structure on them will also move. However, it is necessary to know what a solid foundation means. For high-rise and heavy structures, thicker-section foundations and more complex, deeper and more expensive floor improvements are required, whereas for single-storey and lightweight structures this is the opposite. In other words, this problem can be overcome with thinner sections and more superficial ground improvements. Therefore, the size of the foundation sections in all structures is directly proportional to the weight of the structure. This is a law of physics and nature.

YapıPAN SIP Panel structures offer you the easiest, cheapest, fastest and most guarantee solutions on the foundations. Because the SlP Panels are very light, they do not load large weights to the foundation as other structures do. The foundation systems used for other structures can be also used for the SIP Panel, and the foundation sections are thinner as well. Therefore, the money you have to spend for your foundation will be less. We can use reinforced concrete or concrete foundations on the foundation of SIP structures, and all other kinds of foundation systems such as steel screw pile foundations, reinforced concrete foundations, bored pile foundations are also suitable for SIP Panels.


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