Rüzgara dayanıklı prefabrik ev


The fact that a structure is resistant to effective forces such as wind and storm has almost the same meaning as it is earthquake resistant. In the wind and storm, the only difference is the direction of the load coming to your home is subjected. The biggest feature expected from almost all carrier construction materials is their resistance to pressure and shrinkage. In reinforced concrete structures, concrete meets the pressure loads to the carrier element while iron meets the tensile loads. Thus, the intended loads in all the vector directions to which the structure is exposed are intended to be met and absorbed. SIP Panel structures are also not different. Whether the load is vertical or horizontal, the SIP Panels are highly resistant to both pulling and pressure, as their structures are the same as the operating principles of NPI profiles. In addition, SIP Panel specific installation methods to your structure by adding a frame system feature provides working as a solid box. It should not be forgotten that all these features are only possible with a SIP Panel manufactured according to current technology and system and with a SIP Panel house built with the right methods.

In the Washington Post newspaper's website, our English-speaking clients may be interested in a paper on the resistance of SIP Panel houses to the hose.

You can access the article from here.

https ://www.washingtonpost. com/ blogs/ capital-Weather-gang/post/the-tornado-proof-home-is-it- possible/2011/06/23/AGGvMRhH_blog. html?utm_term=.c444046e3eb6
In the picture you see the remaining SIP Panel structure in a state of Tennessee at 200 mph.