The first thing to keep in mind about the earthquake: The earthquake does not kill, building/neglect kills.

Earthquake resistance of structures generally means earthquake resistance of structural bearing systems. In the event of earthquake, the resistance of the structural carrier elements to this effect is important. At the time of the earthquake, the structural bearing systems should maintain their expected dimensional shape, keep their connection with other elements or their ability flexing to the old form, but at the same time they should not collapse and at least endanger the lives of the people in it. This is a condition that is related to many physical properties such as the weight of the structural bearing elements, their fragility, ductility and so on.

YapıPAN SIP Panels are structural carrier materials that protect you against earthquakes because they are light. SIP Panels, OSB and EPS, working together to become a flexible and durable material as a result of absorbing the earthquake loads perfectly and they successfully carry the load coming from the earthquake with their own load bearing capacity. More than 1 million people were affected by the earthquake so-called “Hanshine” of 7.2 magnitude in January 1995 in Kobe, Japan. Highways, bridges, tunnels and many high-rise buildings have been destroyed. Hundreds of thousands of people have been homeless in this earthquake that killed more than 5,000 people. Only 6 houses which were builded with SIP Panels were remained standing in this earthquake. One of the objectives of the SIP Panels is to work as NPI profiles against mechanical and static loads to ensure that the panels are able to meet the maximum load in case of natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes. This feature is only possible with a very good stability and flexibility. Therefore, SIP Panels are the safest structures in natural disasters such as earthquakes.

In the  video you see a SIP Panel building in Japan, in the world's largest earthquake laboratory, where Japanese and US engineers tested together for earthquake. It was successful in earthquake simulation and achieved the best results compared to its competitors.