You do not need make any other thermal insulation or jacketing on the roof of your YapıPAN SIP building. However, OSB Plates must be protected with a roofing material as sunlight, rain and snow will decrease their life time. The most important feature of YapıPAN SIP Panels is that they do not require additional thermal insulation. YAPIPOR brand EPS in the core of YAPIPAN SIP panels offers you the thermal insulation and the thermal comfort that cannot be offered with reinforced concrete, prefabricated, steel or other types of home systems.

SIP Panels have smooth surfaces; they can carry weights that are tens of times higher than their own weight; they are flexible, solid and durable; and SIP Panel material can be cut at any shape. These features make them a very suitable building material also for the roof. With SIP Panels, you can perform almost all roofing models today. However, in general, the type of the roof you will choose in your SIP Panel house depends on the design you choose, the region you are in, the purpose of your building, the purpose of your roof. Bcause of the economical reasons, one of the most preferred roof coatings is the bitumen-based roof coverings which we call them shingle and materials such as corrugated sheet, galvanized sheet, thin sandwich panels. It is also necessary to remind that these materials have many options within themselves.


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