What is OSB plate?

What is OSB plate used at inner and outer surfaces (shell) of YapıPAN SIP panels?

OSB plate is a kind of wooden plate which was found in America and Canada many years ago. High load-bearing ability, flexible structure, no change in size and shape depending on the ambient conditions, impressive wooden appearance and most importantly the price / performance ratio is very low OSB plate. These features made OSB plates the most suitable wooden material for;

- Covering in construction industry,

- Carrier floor construction,

- Wall coverings,

- Under roof coverings,

- Warehouse,

- Stage,

- Construction of tribune structures,

- Store and exhibition stand construction,

- Packaging and package industry,

- Buildings needing dimensional consistency and resistance to loading and decorative purposes.

OSB plates consist of 3 layers. Each layer is placed perpendicular to each other. This technology consists of plywood technology. Wooden parts of 95 mm long and 0.65 mm thickness are overlapped. Unchangeable property of their size provides high mechanical performance. A small amount of resin is added and pressed under high pressure and high temperature to ensure compression. The use of resin and other adhesives in the structure at 4-5% range, makes OSB plate more environmentally and healthier than MDF wood materials used in our kitchens.

OSB Levha

What other materials can be used on the inner and outer surfaces of YapıPAN SIP panels?

There are more types of materials that can be used on inner and outer surfaces of YapıPAN SIP compared to its core. These are the materials convenient to be used on surface of SIP Panels;

OSB3 plate: It is the most widely used coating type around the world. 11 mm thickness of OSB3 plate (12mm in some countries) is the most preferred SIP Panl coating type in the world. OSB plates’ low price, accessibility, endurance, flexibility, aesthetical appearance, its synergy with EPS, resistance to humidity, its content containing no harmful materials to health, long lifetime, ability to be covered with any material and many other features of OSB3 plates make them convenient for SIP Panels.

OSB2: Lower prices of OSB2 plates are the reason that makes them prefferable after OSB3 plates.
Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Plate: Although they are very good coating materials, they are not preferred in our country because of their expensive prices.

Fibercement Board: Fibercement plates are produced from entirely natural materials. They contain cellulose fiber, cement and micronized grained quartz in their structure. They are not only durable but also light in weight. Their transportation and installation is very easy.
Cement Board: It is a panel that consists of wood, cement and some other chemicals. Its cheap price is the main reason that it is mostly preferred. It is mostly used in prefabricated structures. Cement is the main adhesive in this type of panel. You can check the website of producers for more info.