NEO EPS Duvar Paneli.jpg

NEO EPS as a filling material for heat insulation capability, the outer layers GYPSUM BOARD (Green, Red, Burgundy) or Fibercement produced using the ready to install interior / exterior walls. Light weight, can be extremely fast installation, at the same time provide sound and heat insulation and rigid structure (after installation as a whole is the entire wall surface) is preferred in the structures.

Each panel secured to the floor and the ceiling by means of special mounting elements, EPS filled wall makes it extremely resistant. In this way, EPS Filled walls, load-bearing on the well-known and is still in use until all internal partition walls (or even higher) can carry the load.

Instead of the outer layer of Gypsum Board; green, red or burgundy board or fibercement plaster will be used for different solutions for wet areas and other necessities.