Because it is the most heat efficient and least expensive in heating costs!

10 cm YapıPAN SIP Panel

50cm Gas Concrete Wall

120cm Brick Wall

500cm Concrete wall


have equal heat efficiency features. YapıPAN SIP Panels provides the perfect heat insulation that no other insulation method can provide. Performance/cost ratio of YapıPAN SIP Panels is the highest among all other heat insulation panels. It is 2 times more efficient than concrete buildings and 3,5 times more efficient than other prefabricated buildings or steel houses.

Because it can pay itself off in less than 10 years with the profit from heating costs.

It is very chap to heat your house because of YapıPAN SIP Panel structures. Approximately a 100m2 building pays itself off in about 10 years, when you just calculat the profit you make with heat efficiency. This is why YapıPAN SIP is very economic. 

Because it is 90% prefabricated which means it has lower labor costs, and fast installation!

In YapıPAN SIP system wall, roof, furnishing, ceiling etc. all members of YapıPAN SIP structure is assembled with a unique method. Simple but effective materials are used for the combination of SIP Panels. It is very easy to combine with materials that you can find everywhere, such as wood, screws, insulation foam, insulation mat. The reason why SIP Panels are effective is because the materials and components are simple and durable.

Because YapıPAN SIP Panels are light and can be installed in any kind of foundation system, there is no need for thick sections on foundations!

YapıPAN SIP Panels are the lightest system of today, with weights of 19 kg / m2.

Because YapıPAN SIP is resistant to earthquake.

YapıPAN SIP Panel is a safe structural material during an earthquake because it is flexible, durable, enduring, long lived and light. SIP panels compensates the loads coming from an earthquake by the perfect combination of OSB (or fibercement) and EPS.

Because YapıPAN SIP Panels save lives during a fire and does not collapse like steel structures!


YapıPAN SIP Panels structures are designed to resist to fire for 30-90 minutes. However, due to the high expansion coefficient of the steel, the bare steel structure can withstand even an ordinary fire for only 10 minutes, and the structure immediately collapses without giving any sign. 

Because you will NOT encounter any design error before or after manufacture!


Either you can pick one of our pre-designed prefabricated houses or you can get help from our architects to design your own special building. The installation and delivery of your house is exactly as you designed.

Because you will not be facing any manufacturing errors before or after the production!  Your money is not wasted!

YapıPAN SIP Panels are produced milimetrically and in series under factory conditions. All of our products are produced according to USA SIPA standards. Our employees have international knowledge on this subject. There is no difference in the technical features of a panel from another panel and this is a measurable concept. OSB plates used on interior and exterior surfaces are the goods of the highest quality producers of our country and the world and they are guaranteed. 

Because you will not be facing any errors in installation!


YapıPAN SIP Panels wall, roof, flooring and other parts are produced with high precision in fully-automated factories. All parts are produced in accordance to pre-production rules. With mass production by automated machines, fault rate is decreased at all stages.

Because BEFORE or AFTER any production, you will not encounter any construction ERROR!


The contractor can not make geometric and technical mistakes, because all the measures are exactly as planned. In addition, the production of all walls, floors, roofs and other structural elements according to the full project provides great convenience and superiority for the constructors to do their jobs fast.

Because YapıPAN SIP Panels save space for you, It increases structures use of area and offers wide space!

With YapıPAN SIP, you get the lowest heat permeability coefficient, so the highest performance.This allows you to obtain the highest heat efficiency at the lowest cross-sections compared to the competitors of the material. The outer wall thicknesses varying between 10 cm. - 17 cm and they are at least 2 times thinner than the other traditional building materials. For an average room of 400 cm. X 500 cm, this means 2 m2 gains of space. 

Because YapıPAN SIP Panels save you time, decrease the installation time!


The moment we take the order from you, we start the production process of your product. According to size of desired building, it is finished and delivered to address within 3-5 work days. No matter weather is rainy or snowy; our professional team delivers your order in time. This is the result of 15 years of hard work and experience. After the structural installation is done, our team performs the remaining works. In maximum 1 month your prefabricated house will be ready for living.

Because YapıPAN SIP Panels are very strong!

YapıPOR EPS with 16kg/m3 density is bonded by pressure and very strong adhesives. Structure of SIP panels act like NPI profiles. So that they are even stronger than materials which are used for forming them.



Because YapıPAN SIP Panels are very enduring!

YapıPOR EPS with 16kg/m3 density is bonded by pressure and very strong adhesives. Structure of SIP panels act like NPI profiles. So that they are even stronger than materials which are used for forming them.




Because YapıPAN SIP Panels protects the quality of the air in the room!


Buildings with YapıPAN SIP Panels technology don’t let air to come from outside of the building to inside of the building. Conditioned air stays inside the building.
Structures installed according to the technology of SIP Panels do not let air into your building (unless openings such as windows and doors are opened) that you do not allow, which helps to maintain high-quality, heated or cooled air in your house. The air you control in your structure is always better quality and offers higher comfort.

Because YapıPAN SIP Panels are easy to test!

Because of their production technology, YapıPAN SIP Panels are not complex. That simplicity provides YapıPAN SIP Panels outstanding abilities and flexibility during both design and installation processes. Automated and always under control production provides lower error rates. You can test YapıPAN SIP Panels for their resistance to fire, high loads, water conduction, heat transmission by yourself with a small piece of YapıPAN SIP Panel.

Because it is easy to make attachment to building made out of SIP panels!


YapıPAN SIP Panel makes it possible to make attachment to your building. So that, you can get started. YapıPAN SIP Panels makes it possible to make attachment on your building even after 10 years it was built. It is possible to make attachments vertically or horizontally / alongside or above your building. Even if your existing building is not YapıPAN SIP, it is still possible to make attachments with YapıPAN SIP Panels.

Because YapıPAN SIP Panels can be set at any time of the year!


Prefabrication ratio of YapıPAN SIP Panels is %90, then installed to the place you pick in a very short time. Besides, SIP panels show no chemical reaction like concrete depending to weather. So YapıPAN SIP Panels are not affected from humidity or heat of the weather. Weather also does not affect the installation because it only requires a short time. 

Because YapıPAN SIP Panels leave no waste after construction!


Construction waste of YapıPAN SIP Panels is very few because no concrete, iron, cement or brick is used during the construction. This beneficial for the nature and your budget, your time. 

Because YapıPAN SIP Panels are healthy!

YapıPAN SIP Panels are the most environmentally friendly and health friendly building material you can encounter. YapıPAN SIP-OSB consists of 96% of the wood chip. Only 4% contains chemicals. There is no butanol in its content. OSB plates contain less chemicals than MDF material used in our kitchens. YapıPOR EPS used in the middle of SIP-OSB consists of polystyrene at 2% by volume and % 98 air volume. EPS is a material that can be safely used even in baby goods.

Because YapıPAN SIP Panel is Respectful to Nature,

YapıPAN SIP Panels and the structures produced from these panels are one of the most environmentally friendly building materials that today's technology can produce. Thanks to its heat efficiency, SIP Panel technology, which provides the highest heat efficiency in existing building systems, reduces the amount of carbon released to the nature through fossil fuels, allows you to better control the air inside your house, reduces the harmful waste to nature during traditional construction methods.

Çünkü YapıPAN SIP Sandviç Paneller Ses Geçirmez.

YapıPAN SIP Sandviç Panellerin ses yalıtım özellikleri iç ve dış yüzeylerinde kullanılan kabuk malzemesine ve kalınlığına, çekirdek malzemesine ve kalınlığına göre değişkenlik göstermektedir. Genel olarak kullanılan YapıPAN SIP-EPS-OSB ve YapıPAN SIP-EPS-FIB ürünlerimizin çıplak olarak 65 DB'e kadar ses yalıtımı vardır. Normal konuşma sesimizin genelde 45-50 DB arasında olduğu düşünüldüğünde yalıtım değerleri diğer yapı malzemelerine iyidir. Ayrıca iç ve dış duvarların üzerine gelecek olan malzemelerle de (iç yüzeyde alçıpan ve dış yüzeyde cephe kaplaması gibi) ses yalıtım değerlerinin artacağını çok rahat söyleyebiliriz.

Because YapıPAN SIP Panels have Long Lifespan!

YapıPAN SIP Panels are long-lasting because YapıPAN SIP-OSB's surface is essentially a wood product. The tree is the most adaptable to the nature and therefore the longest lasting building material. We can easily understand this from wooden houses and wooden materials that have not been demolished for centuries. If a wooden house built centuries ago can survive to the present day, a SIP Panel house which is protected by today's conditions and technology will last longer. 


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