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Because it is the most heat efficient and least expensive in heating costs!

10 cm YapıPAN SIP Panel

50cm Gas Concrete Wall

120cm Brick Wall

500cm Concrete wall


have equal heat efficiency features. YapıPAN SIP Panels provides the perfect heat insulation that no other insulation method can provide. Performance/cost ratio of YapıPAN SIP Panels is the highest among all other heat insulation panels. It is 2 times more efficient than concrete buildings and 3,5 times more efficient than other prefabricated buildings or steel houses.

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Because it can pay itself off in less than 10 years with the profit from heating costs.

It is very chap to heat your house because of YapıPAN SIP Panel structures. Approximately a 100m2 building pays itself off in about 10 years, when you just calculat the profit you make with heat efficiency. This is why YapıPAN SIP is very economic. 

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Because it is 90% prefabricated which means it has lower labor costs, and fast installation!

In YapıPAN SIP system wall, roof, furnishing, ceiling etc. all members of YapıPAN SIP structure is assembled with a unique method. Simple but effective materials are used for the combination of SIP Panels. It is very easy to combine with materials that you can find everywhere, such as wood, screws, insulation foam, insulation mat. The reason why SIP Panels are effective is because the materials and components are simple and durable.

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Because YapıPAN SIP Panels are light and can be installed in any kind of foundation system, there is no need for thick sections on foundations!

YapıPAN SIP Panels are the lightest system of today, with weights of 19 kg / m2.