The word SIP, is formed by the initials of the words “Structural Insulated Panel”.
YapıpanSIP Panel is a type of sandwich panel that contains generally folllowing structures on its outer and interior surfaces as carriers: Oriented Strand Board (OSB) plate, Fibercement, Magnesium Oxide Plate (MgO), Scaleboard, Plywood and in the middle of them Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPF) that is formed from styrofoam or rockwool. These materials have features to carry high amounts of loads and it is a high performance Sandwich Panel  / House / Preformed Wall / Prefabricated Structure System which is used as main material of inner-outer walls of buildings, roof and covering material, isolation material of roofs and outer walls, roof furnishing material as a structural member, main material in residence buildings, main material in prefabricated buildings, main material of vineyard houses and material of many other structures. 

Plates forming the surface (shell) of the Yapıpan SIP Panels are the structural carrier members of the panels and EPS or rock wool in the core is produced for isolation and load transfer.

Plates on inner and outer surfaces (shells) and EPS (Styrofoam) in the center are bonded to each other by applying high pressure and using very powerful Euro-polyurethane adhesives. YapıPAN SIP panels are used as walls, floors and roof panels in housing and other structures. In this way, structure gains Monobloc property and this provides an important advantage in case of an earthquake. Structural properties of SIP panels make them act like a NPI profiled steel. While insulation core between inner and outer surfaces make panels on the surfaces work together as a monolith and show resistance against rupture, panels on the surfaces are resistant to compression and tension forces.

Upon request or according to needs of projects, materials in a wide range such as Fiber Cement Plate, MgO Plate, cement board, sheetrock, green board can be used instead of OSB plates. Each of these plates has their own technical specifications. So we will appreciate to make suggestions according to the needs of your project.

SIP Panel
SIP Panel